Post-Transaction Integration

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Swissjack enables Seamless Integration for Sustained Success after Your Transactions are Completed.

How it Works

Integrating for the Future.

Post-Transaction Integration is a critical phase in the M&A process, and Swissjack’s expertise in this area can provide significant value to clients. Our approach to Post-Transaction Integration is divided into various phases – all geared to help you succeed.


Pre-Transaction Planning

Swissjack’s Post-Transaction Integration service begins with the pre-transaction planning phase. In this phase, Swissjack’s team collaborates with the client’s key stakeholders to determine the goals and objectives for the integration. The team assesses the organizational structure and operations of both the acquiring and target companies to identify potential areas of synergy and potential risks. They also conduct a comprehensive analysis of the target company’s assets and liabilities to develop an integration plan that aligns with the client’s strategic goals.


Day One Readiness

Once the acquisition is completed, Swissjack’s team moves into the Day One Readiness phase. In this phase, we work closely with the client to ensure a smooth transition for employees and customers. Swissjack’s team develops a comprehensive plan for communications, HR policies, and employee retention to minimize disruption during the integration process. We also help the client establish a new organizational structure that supports the merged company’s goals.


Operational Integration

The Operational Integration phase is where Swissjack’s expertise in post-merger integrations is most valuable. We work closely with the client’s operational teams to develop a detailed plan for integrating processes and systems. We use augmented intelligence and advanced process mapping to identify potential areas for process optimization and cost reduction. Additionally, Swissjack’s team collaborates with Cosdec Alpha, a global consulting group specializing in industrial intelligence and transformations, to aid in technological integration. Together, they ensure that the new company operates efficiently and that all stakeholders are informed and engaged throughout the integration process.


Business Integration

In the Business Integration phase, Swissjack’s team focuses on integrating the sales, marketing, and business development functions of the merged company. We develop a comprehensive plan for product and service integration, customer retention, and revenue growth. We also work with the client to establish new branding and messaging that reflects the merged company’s mission and values.


Post-Integration Review

Once the integration is complete, Swissjack’s team conducts a post-integration review to evaluate the success of the integration and identify areas for improvement. We work closely with the client to develop a plan for ongoing monitoring and optimization to ensure that the merged company continues to operate efficiently and achieve its strategic goals.

Choosing Your Integration Partner

The Swissjack Advantage

Choosing a good advisory partner is as important as choosing whom you transact with. There’s a reason why our clients trust us – the unparalleled Swissjack Advantage.

Augmented Intelligence

Backed by Cosdec Alpha’s Core AI of 100bn+ Data points, Swissjack brings the best of Human & Machine Intelligence to your transactions.

Global Networks

We leverage a network of 1,000+ experts globally across domains and functions to help ensure your transactions are advised upon by the best.

Deep Specialization

Our machine and human intelligence specialize in facilitating easy liquidation, private transactions, and innovative deal structuring. 

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