Asset Liquidation & Financing

Liquidity Reigns, For You.

Whether you are looking to downsize your assets or finance new ones for your growth, Swissjack can help you get there!

How it Works

Championing Liquidity.

Swissjack offers a comprehensive asset liquidation and financing service to help businesses navigate the complex process of selling off or acquiring assets. This service is typically used when a company is downsizing, merging with another company, growing or simply wants to streamline its operations for the future.


Initial Assessment

The first step in Swissjack’s asset liquidation and financing service is the initial assessment phase. During this phase, Swissjack’s team of experts will conduct a thorough review of the assets to be liquidated or financed. This includes an evaluation of the current market conditions and a review of any legal or regulatory requirements that must be met with the power of augmented intelligence.


Asset Valuation & Pricing

Once the initial assessment is complete, Swissjack will work to determine the value of the assets to be liquidated or financed. This includes an analysis of the current market conditions, prices and a review of any existing valuations or appraisals.


Transactional Outreach

Once the value of the assets has been determined, Swissjack will work to market the assets to potential buyers, financers or lenders. This includes the creation of marketing materials and the identification of potential buyers, financers or lenders. Swissjack’s global network and augmented intelligence help identify the most suitable parties for the transaction.


Negotiation & Closing

During this phase, Swissjack will work with potential buyers, financers or lenders to negotiate the terms of the transaction. This includes the creation of a purchase agreement or financing agreement and the completion of due diligence. Once the terms have been agreed upon, Swissjack will work to close the transaction.


Post-Transaction Support

After the transaction has been completed, Swissjack will provide ongoing support to ensure a smooth initialization and transition to maximize the value of the transaction. This includes assistance with the transfer of ownership or financing, as well as ongoing support to ensure that the assets continue to generate value over time.

Choosing Your Capital Partner

The Swissjack Advantage

Choosing a good advisory partner is as important as choosing whom you transact with. There’s a reason why our clients trust us – the unparalleled Swissjack Advantage.

Augmented Intelligence

Backed by Cosdec Alpha’s Core AI of 100bn+ Data points, Swissjack brings the best of Human & Machine Intelligence to your transactions.

Global Networks

We leverage a network of 1,000+ experts globally across domains and functions to help ensure your transactions are advised upon by the best.

Deep Specialization

Our machine and human intelligence specialize in facilitating easy liquidation, private transactions, and innovative deal structuring. 

Transactions Across The Board

Swissjack Capital Advisory can help you in asset transactions of various types with a singular focus to help you secure a strategic win!


A public sale in which goods or assets are sold to the highest bidder.

Private Treaty Sale

A negotiated sale between the seller and buyer, typically facilitated by a third party.

Structured Finance

A financial tool that involves the use of complex financial instruments to provide financing or liquidity to an asset or business

Distress Sale

A sale of assets or a business that is in financial distress or bankruptcy including liquidation sales, debt-for-equity swaps.

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