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At Swissjack Capital Advisory, we offer a comprehensive suite of M&A services powered by augmented intelligence and global networks to empower our clients to make informed decisions and achieve their goals. Our approach is built on trust, transparency, and mutual respect, and we work closely with business owners to provide tailored solutions that best match their specific industry niche.


Valuation & Initial Engagement

We understand that business value and strategic positioning within the relevant market are critical to a successful deal closing. Our team of seasoned professionals works closely with business owners and their accountants to formulate a business valuation based on relevant comparables and industry multiples. We then discuss target prices based on least and most likely M&A scenarios. With the help of augmented intelligence and global networks, we also perform mock due diligence and vetting of the company to ensure that all relevant aspects of the business are thoroughly reviewed.


Offering Memo & Deal Positioning

Once the client has engaged us for M&A consulting, we work directly with business sellers to formulate a comprehensive document set often including the Pitchbook and the Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM). These documents are crucial in the deal-making process, as it represents the most comprehensive description of all the business has to offer a potential buyer. With the help of augmented intelligence and global networks, we create an in-depth analysis of the company’s strengths, opportunities, and challenges, as well as a detailed financial analysis.


Buyer Selection & Outreach

Our approach to buyer selection and outreach is unique. We use augmented intelligence and global networks to create a short-list of potential strategic acquirers, those willing to pay the most in an M&A scenario. We also combine this strategic shortlist with a broad list of other financial investors. This list is then approved by all shareholders of the seller. Once approved, we promote the business to potential strategic and financial buyers in a blind fashion to maintain confidentiality for the seller.


Negotiation & Value Enhancement

At Swissjack Capital Advisory, we believe that expert negotiations are the key to exceeding expectations in M&A. Our process includes bringing multiple buyers to the table in a value-enhancing, strategic auction scenario where the buyer who matches the seller’s criteria for fit and price ultimately wins the deal. With the help of augmented intelligence and global networks, we provide in-depth analysis of potential synergies between the buyer and seller, and we leverage this information to enhance the value of the deal.


Due Diligence & Closing

Once we determine a winner to the strategic auction for the company, we work quickly to ensure due diligence and deal closure are completed shortly thereafter, preferably between 30 and 90 days after a Letter of Intent for acquisition has been executed by all parties to the deal. With the help of augmented intelligence and global networks, we perform thorough due diligence and reference checks to ensure that all aspects of the business and the transaction are properly reviewed.

Choosing Your M&A Partner

The Swissjack Advantage

Choosing a good advisory partner is as important as choosing whom you transact with. There’s a reason why our clients trust us – the unparalleled Swissjack Advantage.

Augmented Intelligence

Backed by Cosdec Alpha’s Core AI of 100bn+ Data points, Swissjack brings the best of Human & Machine Intelligence to your transactions.

Global Networks

We leverage a network of 1,000+ experts globally across domains and functions to help ensure your transactions are advised upon by the best.

Deep Specialization

Our machine and human intelligence specialize in facilitating easy liquidation, private transactions, and innovative deal structuring. 

Transactions Across The Board

Swissjack Capital Advisory can help you in M&A transactions of various types with a singular focus to help you secure a strategic win!

Strategic Sale

Selling the company to a strategic buyer who can benefit from the synergies of combining the two businesses.

Financial Sale

Selling the company to a financial buyer such as a PE/VC firm that invests in companies for the purpose of earning a ROI.


Selling a portion of the company to a financial buyer while retaining some ownership and control over the business.

Management Buyout

Selling the company to its own management team with the help of a financial partner such as a PE/VC firm.

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